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Web Development

Small to large scale enterprise website, CMS, or any Web 2.0 application you may need.

System Integration

Different systems won't talk to one another without a proper connectivity, protocol, and interfaces. That's when we come into the scene.


Enhance your knowledge with our Classroom-based Training for Linux System Administration and PHP-MySQL. Call us for more


Whether you have complex problems with Open Source applications, or just for free friendly advice, we are here to assist.

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Integrated Sistem Pengurusan Khidmat Negara (i-SPKN) is a system used by the Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara (JLKN) to address the problems and constraints in the existing system. This system is more comprehensive , integrated and meet the needs of consumers which includes work at the Headquarter and Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) camps.

Safety And Health Information System (MyOSH)

Safety And Health Information System (MyOSH) is a collaboration suite for safety and health information system.

KAFA Total Solutions

Student Information Suites for Malaysia's Kelas Agama Fardu Ain (KAFA). Already operational and provides modules for Student Registration, Payment Information, SMS Blaster, and Student and Staff Managements. RFID integration is also available in this product.

Residence Information and Management Suites (RIMS)

Residence Information and Management Suites (RIMS) are offered to all Residence Associations (RA) in Malaysia. Modules include residence database, billings and statements, Email/SMS notification, and letters generation. With premium subscription, the eVote module for Annual Grand Meeting is also available.

Sistem Maklumat Aset dan Ahli Koperasi

Sistem Maklumat Aset dan Ahli Koperasi is a collaboration suite for asset and management system which includes few modules which are Pendaftaran Aset, Maklumat Penyewa, Maklumat Ahli and Laporan Bulanan.


Applikasi mobile slim beauty care is a mobile applications for product management system which includes few modules which are Pendaftaran Produk Baru, Maklumat produk, Notifikasi Maklumat, Testimoni and Senarai Kedai.

Sistem Maklumat Bantuan Yayasan Rahah

Sistem Maklumat Bantuan Yayasan Rahah is a database system which includes 5 modules which are Permohonan Bantuan, Maklumat Bantuan, Senarai Bantuan, Laporan Bulanan and Rumusan Eksekutif.

Sistem Pendaftaran Mesyuarat Wanita Baling

Sistem Pendaftaran Mesyuarat Wanita Baling is a management system which includes 5 modules which are Daftar Ahli, Daftar Mesyuarat, Pilih Perwakilan, Verifikasi Perwakilan and Laporan.


MyMeetingX is an OSS product developed in collaboration with Microsoft to manage meetings minutes and actions inside an organization. This forked version of MyMeeting has been integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange 2010 to incorporates various features. Organization currently using either AD or Exchange will have a seamless integration into MyMeetingX.


SMS4U API are developed to provide easy integration for SMS functionality by external 3rd party application. Whether your are building a portal, an intranet website, or even e-commerce website, SMS4U API should be able to integrate seamlessly with your webapp. Furthermore, our rates are very competitive !

Survey System

From scratch, we build up our own Survey Engine which was used in National Health and Mobidity Survey 2012 (NHMS). The system provides a robust and flexible surveys and reporting which are then export to SPSS system.

Know about Us


To become a leading company in the systems development based on open source technology.


Producing skilled manpower in the systems development based on open source technology.

Getting Together

HPCS started off in 2009 as an IT division of Alam Budiman Residence Association (ABRA). Our focus is to drive Open Source technology to the community, and that’s where we found our first opportunity to developed an Open Source system development - ABRIS, eVote and SMS Blaster, integrated together as a Residents Management Suites for ABRA to serve residence of Alam Budiman. The products receives numerous feedback which has proven its important existence and competitive advantage that it brings to the community.

The Beginning

With the success of ABRIS back in 2009, HPCS never look back. We continue our venture as an enterprise legal entity in 2010, and taking freelancing subcontractor jobs for small and medium sized projects. We have developed MIS systems for Pelita Academy Maritime College, UMNO Bahagian Subang for their Voters Management System, and also Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan (SAINS) for their Water Quality Monitoring System. 2010 is the year for us to get acquinted with the emerging IT industry and getting into the game.

The Launches

We mark our 2011 achievement with the completion of National Health and Morbidity Survey 2011 (NHMS) for Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. It was our first engagement in national level projects and the exposure has increase the bar of our expertise. In the same year, we have launched 3 MIS products, KAFA Student Information Systems, Residence Information Management Systems (RIMS), and MyMeetingX. KAFA is a pilot project deployed in several KAFAs in Selangor. While RIMS on the other hand are the extension of ABRIS to serve for publics. Meanwhile, MyMeetingX is our first product in collaboration with Microsoft Malaysia. MyMeetingX is the extension of current Open Source package called MyMeeting which is used in Government agencies. We have forked this version and integrate it to work with Microsoft Exchange 2010. Our partnership with Microsoft continues as we promote MyMeetingX with Microsoft in MyGOSSCON, Government CIO Conference, and also in MOSC exhibition in 2011 and 2012. HPCS was also featured in a Microsoft Case Study in 2012 which studies how Microsoft interoperability technology works for Open Source solution.

The Incorporated

In 2012, we moved one step higher and incorporate HPCS as HPCS Sdn Bhd. The move is to prepare our company with bigger challenges, adventures, and also to participate in bigger contracts as major players. Currently, we are engaged with Ministry of Defense with JLKN (Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara), where we are responsible to re-build their MIS systems from ground up. Projects that has been completed in 2012 includes Web Application for Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi Nasional (JPNIN), as well as Rakyat Information Management System for UMNO Kota Damansara. In addition to system development, we also venture in Training and Consultancy services. Our professionals have gone through extra miles providing training sessions on system development topics, mostly inline with Open Source technology in government agencies.

Let's Do it

HPCS are actively seeking for new partnerships, and business prospects to expand our blueprints in Malaysia’s IT scene, before going global. With our current strength and roadmap, we hope to gain enough momentum to boost HPCS as a major IT player, in due time.

Meet our Team

Shaharizal Othman
Hafizul Rasydan
Technical Director
Isman Isni
Research and Development
Azlin (FM)
Technical Consultant
Helmi Muhaiyan
Software Engineer
Faiz Samad
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Amalina Baharom
Software Engineer

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